CMV: The European Union should be more open for people and goods from outside the EU

Fri Jun 29 2018 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


Martin van Hees

VU Amsterdam

Professor of Ethics

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Background Information

  • With the refugee crisis, increased nationalism within the EU and isolationist tendencies within the European economy, the EU’s openness towards outsiders (people and labor) as well as goods can and has been seriously called into question

  • A lack of openness within the EU for people and goods can be observed along a number of different dimensions, respectively political issues, such as ...

    • … the border polices and political rhetoric of some member states in the wake of the refugee crisis 

    • ... the promotion of isolationist trade policies towards third states, especially on the African continent

    • ... strict EU labor market polices preventing non-EU citizens from easily finding access to jobs 

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Non-Eu citizens twice as likely to be unemployed

EU is an ongoing disaster for African continent

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